3 Critical Areas a Christian Entrepreneur Should Watch Out For

Published: 20th June 2010
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1. Wrong motive

A Christian entrepreneur may do well but with wrong motives. Motives come from the heart. The bible warns us about the heart. Above all guard your hearts because from it are the issues of life. Why and what you do depends upon the kind of heart you have. It is to do with your desires, ultimate goals, and your character.

God sees through you and your motives in all your actions. If your motive is greed in order to accumulate vast sums of money then you are in the wrong. Others may do this and get away with it but not you as a Christian entrepreneur.

Your attitude in business should be humble. You should confess that God created you with certain gifts and talents, and you will do the best you can with it. All rewards that you get for your excellent work is the fruitfulness that God granted you.

2. Wrong methods

There are many ways to accomplish your goals in your business. A Christian entrepreneur should make sure to avoid and resist doing certain underhanded sales promotions. Do not follow or fall in to the sin of what others businesses do. You cannot afford to displease God in any of your business methods.

Do not deceive, or give false claims in your promotional sales media. If you are not convinced that an average person can achieve what you are promising, then do not do it. God is more interested in your honesty and integrity than how much money you make in your business.

3. Wrong spending

When you start making good money watch out for how you spend it. First thing you should do is to give back to the Lord a thank offering, a minimum of one tenth of our profits. Then you should look for people in need and try to meet as much as you can.

Do not spend on lavish luxury for yourself. Take what you reasonably need for you and your family to live by and give the rest to God and your neighbors. It is always a temptation to go after the latest and popular gadgets and toys.

Avoid that temptation by giving your money away. You do not need an expensive car when a less expensive car will equally do the job. You do not need a multimillion dollar home when where you are living is sufficient.

Do not do things to show off to others. You do not need a $3000 suit when $300 suit is good enough. Do you understand what I am getting at? Do not mimic or copy the behaviors of TV preachers.
Above all, keep your heart diligent towards God.

Ask him for wisdom to do your business according the instructions in the word of God. In addition, ask for common sense to spend your money purposefully.

Stay clean in 3 critical areas your business. Watch diligently your motive, your methods, and spending. If you do these three, you will do well in the sight of the Lord. So be grateful when God enables you to succeed. He does that so that you can be a blessing to others in need.

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